• History of my Name

    My name comes from my great grandfather. Matter of fact, my first and middle name are after both my great grandfathers. On my mom’s side, my great grandfather was named Norman. My dad’s grandfather’s name was John and his middle name was Patrick, which is interesting. I was almost named Norman Patrick, but my parents decided they preferred Patrick Norman, which I also like better, although I would’ve been happy with either. They were both really good, really strong men who are great examples to follow after and were important in both my parents lives. Norman was a cowboy in his young days and helped build the first Alaskan water-pipes. My dad’s grandfather was a World War II vet, and took care of his family afterwards. He took my dad to many Yankee games and seemed really cool. I’m proud of both my namesakes. I really like my name, it definitely screams Irish heritage which is very fitting. My parents always said if I was a girl they would’ve named me Scarlett, so thank god I wasn’t. I think my name represents me well, Patrick just sounds like a name for a trustworthy guy. Others usually like my name, I’ve never had anyone hate on it. I usually go by Pat rather, than Patrick, although my mom said she never wanted me to go by that when I was younger. My first best friend started calling me Pat and it just caught on, and my parents eventually started calling me Pat. The only person that will never call me Pat is my aunt, she stuck with what my mom said. I’m not against it, I just think that it’s shorter, and more concise, making it easier to say. There are over 681,000 people with my name, which is more than Atlanta, so I guess it could be Patlanta.

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